Ó Domhnaill, Seán

Biographical Note

Comprehensive information about this speaker has been compiled by Dr Ciarán Ó Duibhín at http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/~oduibhin/doegen/odomhnaill_biog.htm.

Personal Details Form ('Personalbogen')

Personalbogen Personalbogen Personalbogen Personalbogen

A personal details form (‘Personalbogen’) was completed for each speaker at the Doegen Scheme recording sessions 1928-31. The information displayed below is derived mainly from these forms.

Personalbogen form(s) for this speaker (RIA Library ref.)Doegen P-B/97, Doegen P-B/102
Record number(s) for this speakerLA 1236, LA 1241
Track title(s) for this speakerGruagach an ghaiste (cuid 1) - Seán Ó Domhnaill
Gruagach an ghaiste (cuid 2) - Seán Ó Domhnaill
Track ID(s) for this speaker (User Version)LA_1236d1, LA_1241d1
Forename(s) (Canonical)Seán
Surname (Canonical)Ó Domhnaill
Alias forename(s)


Johnnie Shéimisín

Alias surname(s)
  • O'Donnell
County of originCo. Donegal
AddressRinnafarset (Rannafast), Annagary (Annaghery), Co. Donegal
Date of birth No data
Place of birthRinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal
Nearest big town to place of birthLetterkenny, Co. Donegal
Place(s) lived age 0-6Rinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal
Place(s) lived age 7-20Rinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal; Scotland (now and again)
Place(s) lived from age 20Rinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal, and now and then in Scotland.
EducationPrimary school, Rinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal
Father's home placeRinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal
Mother's home placeRinnafarset (Rannafast), Co. Donegal
Father's professionFarmer
Mother tongueIrish
Languages spoken other than IrishEnglish
Able to read?Yes (Irish and English)
Able to write?Yes (Irish and English)
Able to play a musical instrument?No
Able to sing or play modern European kinds of music?No
Names (of RIA committee members, recordist) appearing on formMyles Dillon, M.A. O'Brien
Comment(s) on voice etc."Speaker had a bad cold, so that nasality is unreliable throughout." (Myles Dillon)